Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2

Test year: 2018

General information:

  • Birth – 15 months | 45 – 83 cm | birth 13 kg (birth – 32.6″ | birth – 28.6 lbs)
  • i-Size approved
  • ADAC overall rating: 1,7 Good


  • Isofix

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ADAC result


Good safety

  • front impact crash with very risk
  • side impact crash with very low risk
  • stable position in the car
  • belting is good

Good operation

  • incorrect usage is not probable
  • only buckle up the child
  • very easy and fast installation
  • operating instructions and warnings are easy to follow

Good ergonomics

  • leg rest is good
  • good upholstery
  • child has good view out of the windows
  • comfortable seating position
  • good space for the child

Good processing

  • washing machine possible
  • workmanship is good

very good pollutants

  • pollution is very low



  • more space is required in the car


  • removing the cover is a bit more complex

Review: the number 1 seat for newborns and premature babies

The difference between my previous favorite, the first version of this seat (Kiddy Evoluna i-Size) is that here the side crash protection is even better. In addition, it can easily be used in a smaller car as well. Also, not only ADAC but several other independent testers approved the highest level of safety of this seat. In fact, in spring, 2018 Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 became the test winner in the ADAC  from 23 seats in its category, to have this result (1,7 in the overall rating).

The absolute lie flat technology – being the only seat among the tested products with this feature – remained the same to make sure your baby’s spine would not get uncomfortable or hurt even on longer journeys – making it possible to replace the carrycot on your buggy and having just the perfect Travel System at the same time. A newborn layer is also a part of the safety seat so that adjusting it together with the harness in 5 positions, it can always follow your baby’s growth. Having this lie-flat technology in this seat can prevent your baby from several serious damages. One of the most common problem for the ones in curved carriers without proper head and neck support is that their head tip to the front that can cause problem in breathing and their saturation drops. However, this can all be prevented by choosing a lie-flat seat, such as Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2.

Not only the energy of an accident but also uneven roads’ shaking is absorbed by the slatted frame to protect the spine. Both pediatricians and midwives recommend using a lie-flat seat, especially if you take your baby on a longer trip.

Side impact protection is maximized with an integrated energy-absorbing layer inside the shell and also an additional part consisting EPO (expanded polyolefin). Together these two elements make sure that in case + of a side impact, they absorb the energy before it reaches the baby’s body.

The adjustable large sun canopy protects your baby both from sun and wind.

Choosing this seat – in my opinion – does not only give you the safest and most comfortable seat for your baby, but its unique design is also one of the most eye-catching safety seat you can find on the market. It is not only among, if not the safest infant seat, but also user-friendly by including a one-click attachment to the base, where an indicator turns into green if you installed the seat correctly to its place.

Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 in 2018 is available in 8 fresh colors.

Kiddy Evoluna 2 compatibility_list_stroller list can be downloaded from here.

Check out here in which car you can install your Kiddy Evoluna 2 isofix-base.

When the car seat is installed on the front passenger seat, you must switch off the front passenger airbag.

I hope you liked this review and if you have any question about the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 seat or want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below.

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