CYBEX Aton M i-size

Test year: 2017

ADAC overall rating: Good

General information

  • Birth – 18 months | 45 cm – 87 cm | birth – 13 kg (17.7″ – 34.2″ | birth – 28.6 lbs)
  • rearward facing
  • very lightweight (4.8 kg)
  • The information provided here shows the result of the safety seat with seat belt installation.
  • i-Size approved
  • can be used on airplane
  • perfect for premature babies and very small newborns (from 45 cm)


  • 3-point harness: the result here represents this version
  • Isofix: Base M i-Size

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ADAC result in details:



  • front impact crash with low risk
  • side impact crash with very low risk
  • belt course is optimal
  • stable position in the car


  • only buckle up the child
  • easy installation
  • operating instructions and warnings are easy to follow
  • extremely lightweight


  • leg rest is good
  • good upholstery
  • child has good view out of the windows
  • convenient seating position
  • low space is required in the car
  • child has very good space


  • washing machine possible
  • workmanship is good


  • Pollution is low



  • removing the cover is a bit more complex


Cybex Aton M is a very safe and super lightweight safety seat that can also be used as a carrier and a travel system on several buggies and strollers (e.g. Cybex, gb) with an adapter.

This review represents the installation with safety belt. It can also be installed with Base M i-Size (Isofix) and this same isofix base can also be used with the Sirona M2 i-Size safety seat for bigger children.

This is the fifth generation of the Aton seats, designed and engineered in Germany. Aton 5 can be used on airplanes, but always contact your airline before purchasing a ticket for details.

The seat can used both with seat belt and isofix – a very good option if you want to have an isofix seat but need the flexibility and possibility to use it with a seat belt once in a while.


  • A central adjuster helps to adapt the size and height of the harness and headrest to the baby. 11 different height positions are available.
  • The seat includes a newborn insert for an almost lie-flat position that can be removed as the baby grows. The function is to keep the head-neck-chest line in a flat position to prevent the baby’s head from falling forward causing serious breathing problems.
  • The Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) protects the baby from a possible side impact by absorbing and channeling away the energy with its flexible material. You have to open the Linear Side-impact Protection on the side that is closer to the door. In case, you place the seat in the middle of the rear seats, you must not unfold the Linear Side-impact Protection.
  • The seat inlay is soft and padded.
  • The harness is Y-shaped, extra wide with crotch pads.
  • The sun canopy is extra large with UPF50+ sun protection and can be adjusted into 4 different positions.
  • It has a 3-point harness system.
  • The shell is energy absorbing for side impact protection.
  • The cover can be washed on 30°.

Additionally, you can buy the Aton M i-Size base, for an older child the Sirona M2 i-Size seat that fits the same base, a footmuff, rain and summer cover, insect net and Isofix guides matching with the Aton M i-Size seat.

Cybex Aton M i-Size is available in several colors.

When the car seat is installed on the front passenger seat, you must switch off the front passenger airbag.

I hope you liked this review and if you have any question about the CYBEX Aton M i-Size seat or want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below.

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