CYBEX Aton 5 + Aton Base 2-fix (Isofix)

General information:

Birth – 18 months | birth – 13 kg (birth – 28.6 lbs)


  • isofix (Aton Base 2-fix)

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ADAC result in details:


Good safety

  • front impact crash with low risk
  • side impact crash with very low risk
  • belting is good
  • firm connection to the vehicle

Good operation

  • only buckle up the child
  • easy and fast installation
  • operating instructions and warnings are easy to follow
  • lightweight

Good ergonomics

  • leg rest is good
  • good upholstery
  • convenient seating position
  • little space is required in the car
  • child has good space

Good processing

  • washing machine possible
  • easily removable cover
  • workmanship is good

very goodpollutants

  • Pollution is very low


  • bit increased risk of incorrect operation
  • child has impaired view to the outside

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