Car Seat Recall List and Important Safety Warnings

Companies test regularly their products. The car seats that you can buy today at the shops have been tested. These criteria are sometimes lower, sometimes higher. Seats with good ADAC result are among the best ones with the highest quality in the market.

However, if anything turns out later, sometimes on a more strict test of a seat that is already available for people, then the best companies let you know about it and most of them even change them free of charge. These seats usually include seats that were produced in certain months and not all of them.

Below you can find seats that have been called back:


Copyright: ADAC

Britax Römer calls back the DUALFIX seats that were sold between November 3, 2017 and March 22, 2018. The problem is with a component in the seat. All the other DUALFIX seats are perfect, without having this issue. The problematic part was only used in the DUALFIX seats that were sold in the time period mentioned above.

You can check if your seat is among the recalled ones by clicking here.

There is an instruction here how you can find your seat’s serial number and by entering it into their homepage you can be sure if your seat is among the wrong ones.

In case, you bought a seat with this recalled element, should not use the seat and register it as soon as possible. Britax Römer exchanges the seats free of charge.


CONCORD Reverso i-Size

Copyright: ADAC

If used for long term, contamination can have a negative effect on the mechanism of the belt adjustment belt. Concord offers a cap for proection free of charge. For more information click on this link and then to Concord Reverso.


Copyright: ADAC

ECE-R44/04This seat is used with ISOFIX up to 18 kg. In the frontal crash test the Jané Grand seat did not keep its connection to the ISOFIX base and separated from it. If you have already bought one of these seats, contact your dealer immediately and stop using it.

Not all Jané Grand seats are affected, to make sure if yours is among the wrong ones or not, you can either check the QR code on the back of the base or enter the serial number from below the QR code to the “product code” field. You can get two messages in return:


  1. Your seat is perfect and you have nothing to do. OR:
  2. Your seat needs to be reviewed and for further information you have to contact Jané. OR:
  3. A number appears: send it to and ask for further information.

If your seat is among the affected ones, Jané repairs it for free.

RECARO Optia with Recaro SmartClick Base

Copyright: ADAC

In the dynamic test, the seat broke into two pieces: the seat separated from the Isofix base. Recaro exchanges your Optia seats free of charge for one of the following products:

  • Optiafix,
  • Young Sport Hero,
  • Monza Nova IS.

You can register for the exchange by submitting your seat’s serial number on this link.

Optia seats with the Isofix RECARO SmartClick or RECAROfix bases are not included or affected in the exchange problem (because there is no security warning).

RECARO Optiafix

Copyright: ADAC

According to ADAC, the seat belt does not secure the child properly. Parents are asked to check if the seat belt also holds during heavy pressure on the shoulder. If the belt does not hold properly or if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact your dealer or RECARO.


Copyright: ADAC

Not all Recaro Zero.1 seats are affected in this problem. You can also get another seat free of charge. In this seat there was a strap adjuster used with limited functionality during a period of time. This means that this strap can loose. If the child is traveling in a face forward position with loosened and not tight enough strap, in case of an accident it can impair the child’s safety.

The affected seats can be identified by their serial number. The Elite seats are not among the faulty products.

You can check and also register if your Zero.1 safety seat is among the ones with this strap by clicking on this link.

If your product is among the faulty ones, you are strongly recommended using the seat only in rear-facing position until your new seat arrives.

RECARO fix basis

Copyright: ADAC

This type of basis can only be used with Recaro Optia and Privia. In the test of 2016, the Recaro Optia seat completely separated from the Recaro fix Basis during the frontal impact. The company exchanges these bases for free.

The seat met the ECE-R44/04 requirement, but not the Recaro’s higher standard test’s. It means that well above the legal requirement in the frontal crash test, the Optia seat could completely separate from the base – the legal requirement is much lower.

The serial numbers that are affected in this problem are caused by a material that was used for the hooks, that is why these serial numbers can clearly be identified. These are between ER01000000 and ER01017825. All the other bases are perfect. You can also check your Recaro product by entering its serial number here.

Even if you use this base with Recaro Privia, which did not have this problem with this base, it is highly recommended for you to exchange the base, if the serial number is among the wrong ones.

ISOFIX belts

Copyright: ADAC

These belts, as only safety attachments of a baby or child seat, increase the risk of injury of the child. Several sellers sold these belts on the internet.



Do not forget to check this baby car seat recall list regularly for updates, or your producer’s web page. The ADAC test is well above the national regulations and as such has much higher standard.

As long as you only use your car seat in a car that goes below 50 km/h and surely have frontal crash in case of an accident, then you do not need the ADAC standard. If, for any reason, you believe that you will travel faster than 50 km/h with your child in your car, and / or in case of an accident you might have a chance that you do not only have frontal crash, then you had better follow ADAC recommendations. Remember, it can save your baby’s life.




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