Welcome to MySafetySeats.com. Below you can find some info about me and why I think it is important to find a good safety seat for your child. I am going to post the latest ADAC results here so that you can always have up-to-date information when it comes the time to choose a seat for your baby.

My Story

My name is Reka and I am a mom of two little kids. They came to us very quickly which is both a great blessing and a huge challenge. We like traveling, playing, having fun and they both love exploring the world. There is only one year between my children, and ever since my younger one started walking, they do everything together. It is so much fun watching them, I can never get bored!


I let my kids play mostly whatever they want, they can explore and hike with us in the mountains but when it comes to safety, there is no ultimatum for me. This is especially important to me, and when they arrived to us, I spent days or probably weeks trying to find the most suitable safety seats for them. We do not belong to the modest people but since we can afford a car, I think thank we have to be able to afford a safe baby seat as well.

This is also what I always tell my friends. It does not matter if you just bring them to the closest store by car or you travel to other countries, make sure that they are always in the safest place. An accident can happen anytime anywhere, it can be in your street. Probably you are not even responsible for it because you drive carefully knowing that your child is with you. But do the others know? Do they care? Do they pay attention all the time? Maybe. I do not want to find out. And I also do not want to find out by myself whether our safety seats are really safe and protect our children. I hope I will never need to know it.

Not taking this issue serious is kind of like playing Russian roulette. I have read several reviews and one really got my attention. A child seat broke from its isofix base during a test. Do you really want to be a tester with your child in the seat to see if your choice was good enough? Well, I am sure you don’t. Me neither. That is why I always buy ADAC tested seats with good results for my kids.


When I started looking for seats for my children, I would have loved to find a website where I can find all the ADAC tested seats with reviews and links where I can easily buy them at the same time. I also want to raise awareness in people so that they can make a good choice, where tested safety is the most important factor.

A good seat does not always have to be expensive, everyone can find the most suitable that he or she can still afford and you can still be sure that you did everything you can in order to protect your kids.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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